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Testimonials from our Sales Team

  • Natalie McGuire, Sales Representative

    Drafted July 7, 2013

    Hey Rita!!

    Just wrapping up work week and want to make sure I sent you my testimonial! It’s really hard to put into words how grateful I am for your training. You are the reason why I am so successful in my first six months. You have helped me build a solid foundation and I use your advice and teachings on a daily basis. I love the way you have taught us. You are easy and fun to listen to, very knowledgable/, experienced and best of all, the material you teach us allows us to know what to say, how to explain various situations and act professional right off the bat.

    My new career will always be an ongoing lesson, but because I have a solid foundation to get up there and sound smart, I have been get clients to sign with me and they truly believe in my work.

    The biggest compliment I continually receive are when I have clients stop mid conversation and are blown away that I have been in the business for less than a year,  asking: how are you so wise and know so much about real estate already? It is because of you. Your knowledge, your experience and your ability to pass along that information and tools to us!

    You have given me that knowledge base and tools to start my confidence and help me to know what I am talking about.

    I literally drive around town with a perma smile thinking, “wow I am a very lucky girl to have started with Royal LePage Team Realty, have an amazing owner Kent, fantastic manager Sue who believes in me and gives me wings, and mentor Rita who has taught the keys to success.”

    “I thank my lucky stars every single day that I am a part of Royal LePage Team Realty. It is such a solid company that continually invests in us, helping us become the best we can in the business.

    I am grateful for the team spirit among agents, the motivation and guidance from managers and the education and tools available with the training courses. All of these elements  encourage us to continually grow and create good business.”

    “The training I have received is hands down the reason why I am successful early in my career. It is a steep learning curve from passing the courses to  jumping into action with clients. It is such an important part of your career starting a business, learning the ropes, building your systems and confidence. The training allowed me to build a strong foundation, rev up my business systems and learn how to speak to clients and explain various situations. If I did not receive this training I would be discouraged and learning a lot the hard way.

    Instead the beginning of my career has been extremely pleasant. I am continually learning and working hard, but it all has been great knowing that I have a strong force behind me, helping me build business and achieve great success.”

    “Rita is truly an amazing asset to RLP Team and Gale. She passes along great knowledge, loads of experience and smart advice.

    Rita is a fantastic teacher because she is easy to listen to, knows how to explain context and pass along her knowledge in a manner that is fun and easy to understand. She is continually improves her own self and lessons, and has developed tools to allow us to start practicing right away.”

    I could go on and on and hope that you can find some testimonials above. Let me know of you were hoping for something else or want me to reword anything.


    Natalie McGuire

    Sales Representative

    Royal LePage Team Realty

  • Eduardo Andrade, M.B.A. Sales Representative

    Since I started working for Royal LePage Team Realty I got all the training necessary to get started and all the support in coaching needed to succeed in my real estate career, and without it my business would not be where it is today. All the Training and coaching provided by Team Realty and the Manager of Business Development and Training, Rita McDonald has been amazing and has given me a leading edge to drive my business and accomplish my goals, and I’m very thankful and honored to belong to such a great company.

  • Danielle Kelly, Sales Representative

    From the moment I signed on with Royal LePage I was impressed with the training, support and help I received. After one week of training I knew I had made the right decision and I was with the best team. The new agent training is very comprehensive and well organized. If you’ve never worked in sales or run your own business this career can be challenging to get started. I really enjoyed the training sessions, which were both informative and interactive. The enthusiasm was very motivating. The topics covered all the basics of starting and managing my own real estate business while giving me the resources and tools do to it. The training team were always there to answer questions, provide input and assistance and help me with tasks to build my business. The best part is the training is always available if I want a refresher. I really feel the RLP team is invested in me to succeed. Danielle Kelly

  • Betty Marchington, Sales Representative

    I returned to Royal LePage Team Realty in the fall of 2012 after being away since 2005. In September I began the Team Realty Training program and signed up for every session offered including the mentoring sessions that followed. The information and guidance offered by the instructors, particularly Rita MacDonald, is invaluable and an essential part of the formula for success in the real estate industry. Rita’s approach makes the training fascinating as she offers many real-life examples based her many years of experience, and is always open to answering questions during the sessions. I also went through the training program in 1999 when I joined Royal LePage and at the time I found the training to be extremely helpful and motivating. However, the program offered today is so much more in depth and detailed, and it prepares you as a new agent for real life scenarios so when you begin working with clients, you are fully equipped to handle a real estate transaction from start to finish, and represent your clients in a professional and knowledgeable manner. During and after the training program, the support and direction offered by the management team at Royal LePage Team is incredible. As a new realtor, you have access to the wealth of knowledge and experience offered by the group of professionals that manage the offices. I have found them all to be extremely reliable, patient and their assistance has been instrumental in my success in this often challenging business. I highly recommend for any new or experienced agent to attend the training sessions offered by Royal LePage Team; no matter how long you have been in this business, you will find that every deal is different and there is always more to learn. Best regards, Betty Marchington

  • Ann Jensen, Sales Representative

    The training at Royal LePage Team Realty has been outstanding. The training sessions are very informative and they enabled me to handle my first listing and sale with confidence. I quickly became familiar with processing the numerous forms necessary when handling a real estate transaction and the Training Binder is an excellent resource manual and a great tool to have on hand. In addition, Rita MacDonald was always available to answer questions and the mentoring groups were a great way to learn and to discuss a variety of situations that may arise in the real estate world. I am so happy I choose to work at Royal LePage Team Realty. Ann Jensen

  • Mary McTavish, Sales Representative

    Hi Rita, “I truly cannot emphasize enough, the value of the Royal Lepage Training System. I have been a Realtor for 19+ years so people found it surprising that I enrolled in the ‘basic’ training which is tailored for new agents. This training is NOT basic. The training opened my eyes to tools, systems and current leading edge strategies that have helped me grow my business. I was a Re/max agent for approximately 15 years so I can tell you first hand that the competition’s training is no where nearly as sophisticated as with Royal Lepage Team & Gale training. Along with gaining fantastic knowledge of current real estate trends and resources, it helped motivate me and got me excited about the business again. I can only speak for myself, but as a veteran realtor, I feel that I get ‘stuck’ some times in old (and some times bad) habits and mind set. I am thankful for taking the training and I highly recommend it to ALL agents, regardless of experience or back ground. Mary McTavish

  • Craig Armstrong, Sales Representative

    I would like to thank Rita MacDonald, Kent Browne and the Royal LePage Team Realty group for the training I received after joining this past year. The sessions were full of information which will have a lasting impression and certainly aid in my real estate career. I highly recommend them! Kindest regards, Craig Armstrong


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