December 2nd 2020

Phil Soper weighs in on increasing home prices in Canada’s cottage country as more buyers look to move there full-time in a recent article. While this trend has quickly caught on in 2020, the demand is higher ever and there are many factors to consider, as discussed in our October Blog “Time to Buy a Year-Round Cottage”…/time-to-buy-a-year-round…/. While buying a house in cottage-country used to be something people only dreamed about, with working professionals and students now pivoting to work and learn remotely, it has become more attainable and appealing to homeowners and first-time buyers! Why live in a busy city when you could move to the country or lakeside, surrounded by trees and wildlife, enjoying the space and privacy like you never have before. Speak to your REALTOR ® to ensure you have the tools and expertise to navigate this market and get the beautiful cottage home that you have always dreamed of. Here is the link to the article that featured Phil… Curious about buying a year-round cottage take a look at our blog about it…/time-to-buy-a-year-round…/